We make all our own sausages, sticks, Hams, Bacon, Smoked Chicken, Smoked Turkeys, Brisket.
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We can make Sausage from these Organic &
Natural Seasoning
See below
Ingredient: Untreated Salt, Organic Spices
(including organic pepper, organic sage, organic
marjoram, organic coriander). Organic Evaporated
Cane Juice.
Organic PSS Breakfast Sausage
Organic Italian
Ingredient: Untreated Salt, Organic Spices
(including organic fennel, organic pepper, organic
anise, organic coriander, organic nutmeg).
Organic Paprika.
Ingredient: Untreated Salt, Organic Spices
(including organic pepper, organic nutmeg,
organic allspice, organic coriander, organic
celery). Organic Evaporated Cane Juice Powder.
Organic Bratwurst
Ingredient: Salt,  Organic Evaporated Cane Juice
Black Pepper,Red
Pepper.,Coriander,Ginger,Sage Oil
Natural Breakfast Sausage
Ingredient: Salt, fennel,spices, paprika.
Natural Italian
Ingredient: Salt, fennel,spices  (includes Pepper,
Coriander,Nutmeg), Celery
Natural Bratwurst
Ingredient: Salt,  Spices (including Celery),  
Sugar,Beet power,Paprika, Baking Soda,Garlic
Power. Celery Juice Powder.
Natural Summer Sausagre Sausage
Number Pks needed
Number Pks needed
Number Pks needed
Number Pks needed
NY Strip $12.00lb.
Rendering Bone 3lb.
Package    $3.75
Boneless Chops $5.75lb
Filet Mignon$13.75lb.
Ox Tail $3.50lb.
PK size will very
Bone-In Chops $4.85lb
Bacon Reg  $5.80
Porter House $12.50lb.
Cutlets $3.25lb
Tongue $3.50lb.
Pk size very
Black Pepper Reg $6.15/lb
T-Bone  $10.50lb.
Country Style Ribs
Patties 1/4# $4.65lb.
Around 1lb PK
Rib Eye   $9.50lb.
Apple Cinnamon $6.15/lb
Boneless Chops $5.75lb
Top Sirloin  $6.75lb.
Chipotle Lime $6.15/lb
Patties 1/3# 4.65lb.
Around 1lb PK
Bone-In Chops $4.85lb
Flank  $4.25lb.
Sugar Free $5.80/lb
Sassy BBQ 1/4 # Patties
$5.60lb.    1lb PK
Ribs  Spare  $1.80lb
Sea Salt $5.80/lb
Skirt   $4.25lb.
Sassy BBQ 1/3 # Patties
$5.60lb.    1lb PK
Ribs  Baby Back
Sea Salt Black Pepper
Fajits   $4.75lb.
Cube Steak $4.25lb.
Roast Butt $2.25lb
C-1 Patties 1/4 # Patties
$6.95lb.  1lb PK
Ground Bacon $3.65/lb
Round Steak $4.25lb.
Roast Picnic $2.25lb
C-1 Patties 1/3 # Patties  
$6.96lb.    1lb PK
Beef Live  $1.25lb.
Fresh Bacon $3.10/lb
Jal / Cheese 1/4 # Patties
$6.75     1lb PK
Stew Meat   $5.25lb.
Skins $1.23/lb
Short Ribs  $2.25lb.
Jal / Cheese 1/3 # Patties
$6.75       1lb PK
$1.50lb Back Ribs
Philly Cheese 1/4 # Patties
$6.75lb    $1lb PK
Boneless Rib Meat $3.50lb.
Ground Beef  $4.75lb.
Philly Cheese 1/3 # Patties
$6.75lb     1lb PK
Chuck Roast  $3.95lb.
Beef Bacon Reg $7.25 1lb PK
Arm Roast  $3.95lb.
Beef Bacon Black Pepper
$7.50   1lb PK
Soup Bone  $2.25lb.
Breakfast Sausage
Breakfast Sausage
Number Pks
Number Pks
Number Pks
Number Pks
Mild Links $/lb
Mild Tubs $3.65 Pk
Mild Tubs $5.25 Pk
Mild Paittes $/lb
Reg Links $/lb
Reg Tubs $5.25 Pk
Reg Tubs $3.65 Pk
Reg Patties $/lb
Spicy Tubs $5.25 Pk
Spicy Links $/lb
Spicy Tubs $3.65 Pk
Spicy Patties $/lb
Hot Links $/lb
Hot Tubs $5.25 Pk
Hot Tubs $3.65 Pk
Hot Patties $/lb
Smoked Sausage
Fresh Link Sausage
Number Pks
Number Pks
Number Pks
Chicken Summer Sausage w/J&C $7.50/lb
Beef Summer Sausage Plain $6.45/lb
Sassy Honey BBQ $5.00/lb
Pork Summer Sausage Plain $6.45/lb
Philly Cheese Stk $5.75/lb
Beef Summer Sausage   w/J    $6.95/lb
Pork Summer Sausage w/J&C $7.50/lb
Beef Summer Sausage w/J&C $7.50/lb
Ultra Sweet Italian $5.00/lb
Beef Stick Plain $4.00 per PK
Turscan    $5.00/lb
Tomato Basil Parmesan
Beef Stick 7 Pepper $4.00 per PK
Beef Stick Pepperoni $4.00 per PK
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We cut our steaks 1 inch and they all range in weights we try to stay around 1 pound. But depending on the size of the
carcass the size will very. But the roast are around 3lbs.