Expectation of Service

Scheduling: When you schedule a harvest date, if for some reason
you need to reschedule or cancel you must call the plant
(903-785-7012) within 48 hr or there may be a cancellation fee of
$40.00 for each animal. We need the time of 48hr to find someone to
take your harvest date and give them time to get their animal here.
We do our best to call and remind you of your harvest date. PLEASE
do your best to call us. If you want your carcass to hang longer than
normal (beef:12-14 days; pig:5-7 days) please let us know when
scheduling your harvest date.
Unloading: Your animals need to be at the Plant by 7:00am on your
harvest date. Or they can be brought any time after 12:00 the day
before. If you are bringing your animals in on a weekend, holiday or
after business hours (7:00 to 3:00) and you need assistance, it is up
to you to make arrangements with the plant (903-785-7012) no less
then 48hr before close of business last business day. When
dropping off after hours, please leave us your name, phone number
and what pen your animal is in along with any tag# or description of
your animal. We must have your full address on file.

Cutting Sheet: You are responsible for getting a cutting sheet to the
plant in a timely manner (24 to 48 hr after the harvest date). We will
do our best to get it from you within that time frame.  
For Private Labels Customers: If you need to make any changes, it
could take up to 2 weeks to get the changes made so PLEASE make
your changes early.
Freezer Storage: You are given a 1 week period to pick your order
up. After that there will be a 2.5 cent charge per hanging weight
pound per day.    (500lbs x 2.5 = 12.50 per day).
You expect to get back: You expect to get back what is yours no
more and no less. We have no say over something that does not
pass Inspection. We have a open door policy to watch the harvest or
it being cut up.
(A waiver will need to be signed and a date & time will need to be set.)
Extended Freezer Storage: We use a 27 gal tote for each 1 is
$7.00 per month. Boxes will be $2.50 (18x12x9) per month.
Getting Animal in the building: If your animal requires more care than
the standard 10 min to get in the building there will be a charge of
$10.00 for every 15 minutes over.
( If you bring in an animal with a broke leg and we spend time on it
but still have to dispose of it there will be a charge of $50 plus time
Heads: We are not responsible for any heads that have not been
picked up the day after harvest and put in a wire panel cage out back.
*All animals unloaded at this facility will be under Texas Inspection
unless otherwise asked. We are not responsible for any carcass or
part of carcass that does not pass inspection.
If you have ANY questions please
e-mail us at info@cobbsmeatprocessing.com
call 903.785.7012
Unloading Diagram
All animals unloaded at this facility will be under TEXAS Inspection
unless otherwise asked.

NOTE: It will be up to the Inspector to
pass or fail any animal, That may have
an abnormality or not.
If you have ANY questions please
e-mail us at info@cobbsmeatprocessing.com
call 903.785.7012
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information on file for every customer. Thank you.